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Innovators Transforming Manufacturing: Our 5 Most Popular Articles of 2019

It’s almost time to ring in the new year, but before we say goodbye to 2019, join us in reflecting back on what an incredible year we’ve had at UMC. This year we set our sights on expanding our business and recruiting talent to support that expansion- we are delighted that our readers have come on this journey with us. Keep reading to catch up on some of our most popular topics of the year.

5. Leveling Up: Machinists’ Trajectory at UMC

Our team of skilled machinists plays a leading role in creating the high-touch precision manufacturing parts UMC is known for.

4. Experience the UMC Difference

UMC Engineers

We sat down with Corey Fouquette, UMC’s Director of Technical Operations, to discuss the future of manufacturing and what he feels makes UMC unique.

3. A Machinist’s Journey at UMC

Watch this video to learn about Aaron Mumbleau, a Level One Mill Turn Machinist, and what it’s like to build your career at UMC.

2. Recruiting for Culture

At UMC, our path to growth is paved by investing in our people, because we know that when our people grow, our company grows. Learn more about our positive culture and opportunities for growth.

1. UMC Gears Up For Expansion

UMC Facility

Our current and future demand from key customers are pushing the need to develop a new production facility. We are excited to be embarking on the next phase of our growth!