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Our Process

Coordinated & Collaborative

Our dedicated project management resources ensure that working with UMC is a coordinated and collaborative experience.

With us, you’ll be kept informed with a designated point of contact who can answer any questions as they arise.


Blueprint Drawing
Our On-Boarding Process

We build collaborative partnerships that result in continuous improvement.

We review every opportunity with the goal of finding the customers that are the best fit for our expertise and our process. We specialize in small, difficult to machine parts that need to perform with the greatest consistency in highly-regulated industries. We love to work with designers and manufacturers who are focused on building collaborative partnerships that result in continuous improvement and strong sustainable results. Here are the first steps in starting your relationship with UMC.

  • Meet Your Sales Account Manager

    Every UMC client is assigned a Sales Account Manager who will serve as the main point of contact during the relationship.

  • Get Your Print Review

    After the NDA is executed, our team will get to work reviewing your prints. Based on the type of part and its features, a hand-selected UMC engineering team will be assigned to work with your engineering team to review and clarify specifications and requirements.

  • Engineering Design Session

    The goal at this phase is to provide suggestions and options for improving the efficiency and costs associated with machining your part. From tolerances to work holding and finishing, we’ll work with you to create a custom plan to machine your product in a way that helps you reach your short and long-term business goals.

  • Get a Quote

    Once the manufacturing plan has been developed and approved, you’ll receive a quote within one week, including lead times. Quoted prices are good for 30 days and quoted lead times are good for 24 hours.

  • Place Your Order

    Once we’ve received your order, we’ll contact you to confirm lead times. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed about their order progress throughout the process.

UMC Engineers
Customer Service

Our high level of service ensures that every UMC customer is satisfied.

With an emphasis on integrity and proactive communication, you’ll stay informed on the progress that’s made and the challenges encountered on every project in real time. Your dedicated Project Manager ensures that complex projects always run smoothly to meet their deadlines with no surprises along the way.

The level of detail UMC provides from a project management standpoint is very unique. I can take a look at our timelines and understand what parts are where in the process, and what deliverables are ahead of that.

UMC Customer