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About UMC

We are a premier manufacturing partner with over 50 years of experience.

Who We Are

At UMC, we are constantly innovating to transform today's cutting edge precision manufacturing into tomorrow's standard.

UMC is a proud American company working to establish ourselves as true innovators and thought-leaders operating on the cutting edge of our industry. We are a passionate team of experts producing highly complex parts. For us, it’s all about the people behind the products.

From tight tolerances to open collaboration, UMC is your go-to resource for manufacturing expertise.

Technical Artwork
UMC Facility
Our History

We have half a century of experience and expertise.

Since our humble beginnings in 1968, UMC has sought to devise new processes, search for solutions and explore new technology to meet the increasing expectations of our customers. It has been this quest for quality and efficiency that has driven us to transform from a traditional machine shop to a next generation leader in precision manufacturing working to solve some of the toughest manufacturing challenges facing our customers. From a small garage to our 75,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing space, we never stop changing, evolving and raising the bar.

Our Culture

Our path to growth is paved by investing in our people.

For the last 50 years, our positive culture and high performance standards have been the driving force behind our success and high level of customer satisfaction.

Our strategy is simple: when our people grow, our company grows. UMC’s employees have an unparalleled spirit of commitment and ingenuity. We’re a strong team of skilled individuals working together to create high-quality products and effective solutions.

The SPIRIT of UMC is defined by our values as a company and the culture we continue building.

SERVICE: A partnership with all customers through proactive communication, attention to detail and ultra responsiveness.

PASSION: An intense enthusiasm towards our customers, our work, the safety of our people, our industry and our community.

INTEGRITY: Being honest and respectful while doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

REMARKABLE: Standing out in a crowd by the quality of our people, technology, facility and solutions.

INGENUITY: Creativity and resourcefulness applied to effective solutions for complex customer needs.

TEAM: A cooperative effort where the success of the organization is greater than the sum of the performance of its individuals members.

UMC Machinists

The work that we do here is rewarding because you know it’s for a good cause. You know that it’s going to help out somebody’s life. The parts that we make are very complex and high-end. They’re life-changing parts.

Don Bush, Machinist
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UMC Employee
Join Our Team

UMC’s employees make a difference and improve people’s quality of life.

Joining our team means working alongside passionate individuals who are committed to integrity, innovation and quality.

Learn more about the exciting opportunities in precision manufacturing and current openings at UMC.