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UMC Gears Up for Expansion

UMC Facility

We are pleased to announce we have entered into a Letter of Intent with the City of Monticello Economic Development Authority (EDA) regarding the potential expansion of our facility at 500 Chelsea Road East, Monticello, Minn.

“Our current and future demand from key customers in the medical and aerospace industries are pushing the need to develop a new production facility to relieve capacity pressure at our existing site,” said Jaci Dukowitz, COO at UMC. “The expansion will allow the incorporation of new processes, products, and customers. It’s an integral part of our next phase of growth and we’re excited to be embarking on this initiative.”

The EDA, in partnership with the City of Monticello, will be working to acquire land and implement economic development incentives to support the development. The expansion is tentatively planned to begin in late 2019 or early 2020 and is intended to occur adjacent to our current facility. The development of the new facility will create a campus setting that will allow us to be more efficient with our workforce and production processes.

The expansion is expected to generate 60 new jobs within the first 3 years of the expansion and generate a new tax base through the construction of a new 40,000 square foot facility. The facility could eventually grow to approximately 85,000 square feet with future employment at the site reaching 100 to 125 jobs. The UMC expansion is in direct alignment with the City’s and EDA’s goals of attracting and retaining quality businesses that create good-paying jobs for Monticello residents and that also increases and diversifies the property tax base. UMC is one of Monticello’s largest employers and is a world-class leader in the precision manufacturing industry and has been in Monticello since 2003.