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ZEISS Video Highlights Vital Partnership

A recent video produced by one of our valued suppliers, ZEISS Technologies, was shot at our Monticello facility. It showcased the partnership between our two companies and shared how several ZEISS systems help our precision manufacturing machinists.

At UMC, we utilize several ZEISS systems including the DuraMax, CONTURA, multisensor 0-INSPECT 543 and SURCOM NEX. For example, the DuraMax systems are used to measure parts and provide machinists with real-time information.

Trusted vendor and supplier partnerships are key to our success in creating UMC’s in-demand, reliable precision products. As UMC certified calibration technician Andy Frechette describes, the ZEISS systems used in our production facility offer numerous benefits.

“Many of our customers require tight tolerances. ZEISS systems allow us the accuracy and repeatability as well as dependability. ZEISS’ systems give us that confidence.”