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Employees’ Giving Efforts Are Twice as Nice

Food and blood drive graphic

We’re so proud of our UMC employees who teamed up and demonstrated care and compassion last month to support two vital causes.

UMC Food Drive Raises $3000

Our annual week-long food drive to benefit the Monticello Help Center resulted in a $3,000 matched donation. Employees contributed both food and funds, which tallied up to 182 items and more than $1,300 in cash. With a generous match from CEO Don Tomann — $1 for each dollar and food item raised — our team proudly presented a check and grocery bags filled with food and supplies to our neighbors at the Monticello Help Center. We’re hopeful the contributions will help keep the shelves stocked this spring for those individuals and families in need.

Blood Drive to Help Save Lives

Employees rallied and rolled-up their sleeves to participate in the Memorial Blood Center’s drive resulting in 17 employees donating 19 units of blood to help offset critically low reserves in the region. This was the fourth time over the last two years that the oversized Memorial Blood Center pink bus has parked in our UMC lot to collect blood.

UMC food and blood drive participation