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Collaborating with Our Customers

For the past 50 years, UMC has partnered with leading original equipment manufacturers to design, launch, and produce products that are enhancing people’s lives. Today, our reputation continues to grow as a premier partner for high quality products of excellent precision.

Design for Manufacturability is at the core of our process and a big part of our DNA. By collaborating closely with our customers, we can review, test, and create prototypes while delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of components, tight tolerances, and stringent specifications. As our Sales Engineer, Collin McGrath puts it, “the ideal customer for UMC is one that has open communication. We’re able to go back-and-forth and we’re able to collaborate on projects. A lot of our customers can’t find anyone else to make these products, but they know they can come to us and we can reliably make their product for them at a competitive price.”

Our engineering and manufacturing experts always go the extra mile to ensure we understand our customer’s business and how we fit into the big picture. Every step of the way, we’re asking the right questions to make sure we can capture every opportunity to add value. Knowing the parameters, challenges, and goals behind each project is essential to our success. Going beyond quoting and investing in the discovery process is what makes UMC a valuable long-term partner.

To learn more about our collaborative approach to working with customers, check out this interview with Collin:

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