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UMC Named Finalist for Workforce Engagement Award

UMC Machinist

Ultra Machining Company (UMC) is proud to announce that is has been named a finalist for the 2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Workforce Engagement Award. 

The Monticello, Minnesota Precision Manufacturer is one of three Minnesota manufacturers contending for the award, which recognizes manufacturers who are tackling the changing workforce head on and helping employees build new skills, creating apprenticeships, training programs, education partnerships and creative recruitment processes.  

At UMC, we are honored to be recognized as a finalist in this important category. Our ability to succeed as a company and as an industry depends on developing a strong and healthy workforce, and it is exciting to see efforts in this area brought into focus and celebrated.

Throughout its 50 years in business, UMC has built several programs and practices that foster workforce development including a long-standing apprenticeship program, engineering internship program, and several partnerships and sponsorships focused on providing exposure to and experience with STEM and manufacturing. 

UMC was previously named Best in Class Midsize Manufacturer in the 2015 Minnesota Business Manufacturing Awards. 

The winner of this year’s award will be announced at an event on September 20 at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis.