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Additive Manufacturing: An Integral Component to the Factory of the Future

At UMC, we are regularly working within highly regulated environments that continue to stretch our internal capabilities. Understanding the interaction between traditional methods of machining and additive manufacturing is very important to us in order to maintain our competitive edge. Driven to be an early partner in the metal 3D printing space, UMC recently installed the Studio System from Desktop Metal.

Customer Spotlight: UMC Partners with Desktop Metal

UMC’s partnership with Desktop Metal enables new and innovative technologies in the manufacturing space.

If there is anything coming down the road that could potentially obsolete some of the ways that we currently manufacture, we want to become the best at that new technology.

Corey Fouquette- Director of Technical Operations

Metal 3D printing capabilities allow UMC engineers to produce jigs and fixtures quickly using a design optimized for a specific need. These custom fixtures are critical to ensuring repeatability and precision at each stage of manufacturing so that parts produced meet the tight tolerances our customers demand.

The ability to produce custom and replacement parts on-demand is critical to our operational efficiency. We are now using 3D metal printing for fixture holding and end arm effectors, as well as integrating safety sensors and custom parts. We are now able to install a custom 3D printed bracket that fits perfectly into a designed space within a manufacturing cell. Along with conventional machining and tool room machining, additive has helped us innovate and go beyond by increasing our efficiencies and expanding our capabilities.

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